Wearing braces can turn your smile around, giving you a more even set of teeth that you can’t wait to show off. Children and adults can both benefit from wearing braces. Plus, today, with so many different types of braces available, you may not need to wear traditional wire ones. Set an appointment today to see which type of braces can give you the smile you want, regardless of age. Contact Lovett West U to start your journey to straight, gorgeous teeth by calling your West U Orthodontist at 832-617-5530.

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An Orthodontist Can Align Your Teeth

Dental braces correct many common issues with teeth that often appear in childhood. Braces may help to counter the following:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Teeth with large gaps or uneven spacing between them
  • Jaw misalignments
  • Top teeth that sit too far over and in front of the bottom teeth (overbite or overjet)
  • Bottom teeth that rest too far in front of the top teeth (underbite)

Children will often get braces after all their adult teeth grow in while their jaw continues to grow. By wearing braces in childhood, the treatment may take less time than for an adult. However, it’s never too late to get braces. Even adults can have corrections to their smiles with dental braces.

Options for Braces in Houston

Braces come in a variety of forms and materials. You may be most familiar with wire metal braces, but there are other options, too. The following are common options for braces and methods for teeth straightening:

Each of the above options has specific advantages. For instance, metal braces often require the least amount of treatment time. These braces are much more comfortable than similar designs using metal from decades ago.

Ceramic braces use clear materials for the brackets used in metal braces. These blend in better with your teeth than traditional braces do. However, orthodontists prefer to use these braces on adults or older teenagers due to the extra care required to brush and floss. The brackets are more delicate than those used for metal braces.

Lastly, clear aligner trays are an option for those who don’t want others to know they are undergoing teeth straightening. Plus, you can take out aligners whenever you want to eat or drink, but you should wear them as close to 24 hours a day as possible for the best results.

Teeth with Dental Braces Need Extra Care

A vital component of wearing dental braces is continuing to care for your teeth throughout treatment. You must continue your regular brushing and flossing routine. However, you may require special tools to floss or brush around your braces without damaging them. You can remove clear aligner trays for your oral care routine.

Because you may wear braces for up to two years, you cannot skip regular dental appointments. Preventative dental care is more important while wearing braces because caring for your teeth at home is more difficult. Continue to make regular appointments with your dentist for cleanings and checkups. Additionally, never skip orthodontics appointments during your treatment with braces. The orthodontist needs to evaluate the condition of your teeth and the progress the braces make in improving your smile.

If you need help with how to best care for your teeth while wearing braces, talk to the orthodontist during your next appointment.

Affordable Braces in Houston’s West U

By setting up a consultation with a cosmetic dentist or Houston orthodontist, you can determine which type of braces will best meet your family’s needs. Whether you are considering traditional braces or clear aligners, Lovett West U has you covered.  

Protect Your Gums During Orthodontic Work

Gums are soft skin that forms a tight seal around your top and bottom teeth. It supports the bones of your teeth and provides a barrier that bacteria is unable to penetrate. When you take care of your teeth, you’re simultaneously taking care of your gums. Brush after every meal and floss your teeth at least twice daily to make sure that food particles don’t last long between or around your teeth. This is especially important when you have braces.

If you have existing gum disease or other risk factors for infection or complications, a dental surgeon or periodontist may recommend treating those conditions first. All of this can be done in our Houston office to ensure a speedy process.

Contact Lovett Dental West U in Houston

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