Part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy is maintaining a regular routine of dental care. This means that you need to find a dentist who will offer cleanings and exams in addition to your at-home oral hygiene regime. Schedule a dental exam every six months to keep your smile looking great and to spot problems before they cause you pain.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?a dentist provides a routine dental exam in texas

The most common type of care that people go to the dentist for is preventative dental care. This type of care includes many treatments to prevent future cavities and other dental issues. The cornerstones of preventative dentistry are cleanings and dental exams. However, these components are not the only parts of your semiannual dental visits. You may have any of the following services performed when you schedule a routine dental exam:

  • X-rays of teeth and jaw
  • Dental cleaning
  • Deep dental cleaning for patients with gingivitis or other conditions
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Dental examination
  • Application of sealants
  • Scheduling of follow-up care such as fillings or root canals, if needed

A dental hygienist performs teeth cleanings every six months. Most people need standard cleanings to remove surface stains and clean between the teeth. This process is important to remove bacteria and tartar from areas that you cannot reach with a toothbrush and floss. The hygienist will also floss your teeth and may apply fluoride. Dental fluoride treatment can prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Other parts of a routine dental exam include having x-rays taken of your teeth and the examination by the dentist. X-rays reveal cavities or problems in your teeth.

The examination is when your dentist looks at the health of your teeth and gums and makes recommendations for treatments such as dental sealants to prevent damage or fillings to repair small holes in teeth. You can also ask the dentist for tips on how to keep your teeth healthy between exams.

Who Needs Dental Exams?

People of all ages need to have regular dental exams. For children, these exams allow the dentist to see how well their teeth develop and correct issues such as cavities that could cause the child pain. Plus, with regular pediatric dental care, you get your child into the habit of regular dental appointments and preventing the fear that many have of going to the dentist.

Adults also need regular checkups and cleanings, even for those who don’t have all their natural teeth. The exam helps to protect the health of both your teeth and gums. Additionally, a dentist may be able to spot signs of other conditions such as lupus or cancer through a routine dental exam.

Don’t worry if you have skipped some routine exams in the past. You can always get back on track by scheduling exams every six months with a dentist today.

What If I’m Afraid of the Dentist? Does a Routine Dental Exam Hurt?

Routine dental care does not hurt. In fact, by making regular dental appointments, you can avoid letting problems such as small cavities from growing into more serious, painful conditions that may require tooth extraction or root canal treatment.

Talk to the dentist and hygienist before the cleaning or exam starts to let them know about your fears. They will do everything possible to reduce anxiety and help to keep you calm throughout the exam.

Schedule a Dental Exam at Lovett Dental West U

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