Clear aligner trays are the new, innovative way to straighten teeth without wires or braces. Nearly invisible, each tray is custom-designed to fit your teeth and nudge them into the desired position over time. They’re a solution for crooked teeth, gaps, and overlapping teeth. Using clear aligner trays, your dental professional can improve the appearance of your smile with no one knowing you’re in treatment.

What Is The Biggest Benefit of Clear Aligners?

example of clear alignersThe biggest benefit of teeth straightening through orthodontics is that it helps you look your best while correcting a maladjusted bite. Properly aligned teeth make it easier to chew. This procedure may also reduce jaw pain and tension from misaligned teeth. Consequently, the biggest benefit of clear aligner trays is that all this can happen with no one else knowing. Clear aligner trays slip over your natural teeth and are barely visible to the naked eye. Friends and coworkers will only notice your smile becoming more attractive as days go by.

How Do Clear Aligner Trays Work?

Your dental professional will take X-Rays and scans of your teeth. This helps them develop impressions to create your clear aligners. You will wear each tray for a short period while it coaxes your teeth to move in the desired way. Afterward, you’ll switch to the next clear aligner in the series to continue the movement.

Clear aligners fit tight to your teeth and may feel restrictive at first, but the adjustment period is brief. Once they feel comfortable in your mouth, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them. Best of all, you can take clear aligners out to eat, drink, and brush. You can easily clean your aligner trays with toothpaste and cool water and then reapply them to teeth.

Most dentists recommend wearing clear aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day. This means you can sleep in them without worry.

How Are Clear Aligners Superior to Braces?

For many, clear aligners are preferable to braces for several reasons, including:

  • They’re mostly invisible.
  • You can remove them at will.
  • It’s much easier to keep both your aligners and your teeth clean.
  • Food doesn’t get stuck in clear aligners.
  • Once you’re fitted for clear aligners, you can guide the progress at home.

You don’t have to report back to your dentist to have your aligners continuously adjusted. Instead, you wear each clear aligner tray for the required amount of time, then move on to the next one in the package. At the conclusion of treatment, you will have beautifully positioned teeth and a near-perfect smile. We also offer the following dental services alongside clear aligner trays:

Is This Method of Teeth Straightening Expensive?

Today, traditional braces and clear aligners are comparable in price. This is largely because braces are a better option for some patients, such as those who need teeth to rotate or jawline to adjust. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for aligners because they require strict compliance to work well. This means younger patients may get more benefit from braces. For this reason, many insurance carriers may cover a larger portion of the cost for braces than for aligners. Talk with your insurance representative and your dental office to discuss payment options if you’re interested in the many advantages of clear aligner trays.

Clear Aligners at Lovett Dental West U

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